| so you know better is a project-based e-procurement tool to facilitate tenders | RFPs | competitive bids for professional furniture.


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Information Phase (IP)

The Information Phase is the first phase in your purchasing process and it is for free. Requirements such as product, price bandwidth, delivery time and location, guarantee and continuation of supply result in a ranking of suppliers.You can print a short profile of selected suppliers providing basic company information. For a more in-depth analysis of potential suppliers, you would need to upgrade to the Qualification Phase, the next logical step in your purchasing process.

Qualification Phase (QP)

In this phase, a much more refined and elaborate inventory of your requirements is at the base of arriving at a short-list of potential furnishing suppliers. Included in this phase are subjects such as product certification, service requirements, claim response and solution, distribution model, carbon footprint of transportation to your delivery sites, Corporate Social Responsibility. The QP includes full supplier profiles and comparison possibilities between individual suppliers. In this phase, you qualify potential suppliers for the final bidding in the e-Auction.

e-Auction Phase (e-AP)

In this phase, you set up a reversed e-auction with the suppliers of your choice. The results of the Qualification Phase are your guide on the choice of suppliers. The e-auction can be executed on price only or on a maximum of 6 different criteria such as product price, price of services, guarantee, continuation of supply, payment terms. You assign the relative importance to each criterion and organise the set-up, invitation and e-auction procedure and process in this module.

Mock-up Phase (MP) comes with a full set-up, invitation and assessment module for the execution of a professional and easy-to-manage Mock-up Phase. This phase can be executed either after the Qualification Phase, or after the e-Auction Phase. You decide which suppliers to invite for participation in the Mock-up Phase with the results of your QP or e-AP as your guide. The mock-up assessment can be separate or integrated with the supplier ranking of the QP or e-AP.

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Bird`s Eye View

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